2 certified fun dives at Padang Bai, Bali local dive sites for corals, sharks and turtles

From IDR IDR1,100,000.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Padangbai, Bali

Padang Bai: Blue Lagoon, Tanjung Sari, Bias Tugel or Ferry Channel Dive Sites, Bali, Indonesia

If this site is not available on your chosen date or you'd like to arrange a different dive sites combination, please contact the Geko and we will try to help



  • 4 hours - 2 dives


  • 08:15 Sign in and equipment preparation
  • 08:30 Boat departure and first dive
  • 10:15 Return to the dive centre for the surface interval. Complimentary snacks and hot beverages.
  • 11:00 Second dive at a different local dive site
  • 13:00 Complimentary lunch at the dive centre


  • 2 dives
  • Weights and 1 tank per dive
  • Guiding by a professional PADI Divemaster in groups of max 4 divers
  • Transport from the dive centre to the dive site
  • Snacks, a soft drink, water and hot beverages
  • Use of our seafront dive facilities, including showers, lockers and one towel per diver per day
  • All fees, taxes and service charges


  • Full set of scuba diving equipment, including fins, boots, wetsuit, bcd, regulator, dive computer, mask and snorkel (available as extras during checkout)
  • Hotel pick-ups (available as extras during checkout)
  • Dive insurance. This is not compulsory, but strongly advised
  • Surcharges for non-cash, IDR payments. VISA and MasterCard payments on the premises have a 3% surcharge and PayPal payments for the final bill cost 5% extra


Coastal reef (max 25m), slope, wall, jetty and even a wreck. The 8/9 dive sites located at our doorstep offer a surprising diversity of environements and species.

Padang Bai dive sites include Blue Lagoon, Jepun, Secret Jepun, Secret Jetty, Labuhan Amok, Tanah Ampoe, White Sand Beach, Ferry Channel, Tanjung Sari, Temple, etc. Why not try all of them?


Just a few minutes from Padang Bai's harbor by traditional boats or speedboats. This means Geko Divers come back to shore to enjoy a relaxed surface interval between dives. Great for socialising with your buddies or newly-met friends!

Coral Reef State

Good variety of hard and soft corals, various types of gorgonians, healthy staghorn corals, huge coral boomies and table corals at White Sand Beach, Tanjung Sari and Blue Lagoon dive sites. 

Other sites like Secret Jetty or Secret Jepun are muck dive sites and have very little coral cover, but tons of critters. Great for macro lovers and photographers!

Fish Species

Hundreds of species, both large and small, can be observed at a given dive site.

Oriental sweet lips, moray eels, many species of clownfish and anemone fish, napoleon wrasses, trevalies, jackfish, dogtoothe tunas, king mackerels, crocodilefish, lionfish, octopus, pharoah cuttlefish and green turtles.

High chance of seeing sharks (whitetip, blacktip reef, nurse and wobbegong) on some of the dive sites (Tanjung Sari/Shark Point, Ferry Channel).

Macro critters: frogfish, ornate, robust and ghost pipefish, leaf scorpionfish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranches and flabelinas, siagiani squat lobsters, orang-utang crabs, zebra crabs and other rare crustaceans.


Mild to moderate (strong when new moon). Usually good conditions, even for beginners.


25m+ (best June-October).


Whitetip reef sharks, green turtle, rich macro life and great coral reefs!

Night dives, lots of strange crabs, shrimps and lobsters and almost every night in the Blue Lagoon, we have the Spanish dancer.


Currents at these sites can be strong and unpredictable. The Geko Team reserves the right to choose sites accordingly.

Cold thermoclines occur during the dry season (normally May to November). Divers are advised to choose their exposure suits accordingly.