2 certified fun dives at Bali's Tulamben USAT Liberty shipwreck

From IDR IDR1,200,000.00
  • Duration: 7 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Tulamben, Bali

Tulamben's USAT Liberty Shipwreck Dive Site, Bali, Indonesia

If this site is not available on your chosen date or you'd like to arrange a different dive sites combination, please contact the Geko and we will try to help



  • 1/2 day - 2 dives


  • 07:45 Sign in and equipment preparation
  • 08:00 Van departure for the one hour drive
  • 09:30 First dive on the world famous shipwreck
  • 11:00 Surface interval with picnic lunch on the beach
  • 12:00 Second dive at the USAT Liberty shipwreck
  • 15:00 Return to the dive centre in Padang Bai


  • 2 dives
  • Weights and 1 tank per dive
  • Guiding by a professional PADI Divemaster in groups of max 4 divers
  • Transport from the dive centre to the dive site
  • Snacks, a soft drink, water and hot beverages
  • Use of our seafront dive facilities, including showers, lockers and one towel per diver per day
  • All fees, taxes and service charges


  • Full set of scuba diving equipment, including fins, boots, wetsuit, bcd, regulator, dive computer, mask and snorkel (available as extras during checkout)
  • Hotel pick-ups (available as extras during checkout)
  • Dive insurance. This is not compulsory, but strongly advised
  • Surcharges for non-cash, IDR payments. VISA and MasterCard payments on the premises have a 3% surcharge and PayPal payments for the final bill cost 5% extra




Tulamben's USAT Liberty wreck is a magnificent 120 meter long shipwreck. The remains of the US World War II freighter lay just 50 meters from the beach. The USAT (United States Army Transport), not USS, Liberty ship was torpedoed on January 11, 1942 at 4:15 a.m. by a Japanese submarine while crossing the Lombok Strait carrying material (rubber and railway parts) from Australia to the Philippines. Two US destroyers hitched up to the ship and tried to tow it to the port of Singaraja. The damage was immense and the Liberty was taking too much water. The Liberty ship's captain ran the vessel up onto the beach of Tulamben, miles away from safe harbour.

For 21 years she stayed there. Locals of Bali's Tulamben area secured all items of any value onboard the USAT Liberty. Even parts of the ship's deck were taken away. In 1963, the Liberty shipwreck was pushed to her present location by the fatal eruption of Bali's Gunung Agung volcano. During this process, the Liberty's hull broke into two pieces. Now she is laying on a sandy slope 90° on her side parallel to the shore. The Liberty's hull faces Tulamben's shore while the shipwreck's deck side faces the ocean.

The Liberty ship wreck is Bali's most visited dive site. Bali's famous Liberty has perfect depths for scuba diving, ranging from 2.5 meters down to 29 meters. There are a couple of impressive swim throughs. Be cautious because the structure of the wreck is unstable, year by year parts collapse.


60 minutes by car from Padang Bai.

Dives to the USAT Liberty Wreck, Drop-Off, Coral Garden and Seraya dive sites start directly from the beach. The USAT Liberty Wreck lies less than 50m from shore!

Coral Reef State

Good growth of encrusting animals cover Tulamben's Liberty wreck. Marine biologists estimate that about 400 different species of reef fish live on the Liberty. On occation, this site is visited by big pelagic species. Turtles and blacktip reef sharks are a common sight, while many critters find refuge in the Liberty's nooks and crannies.

Fish Species

Hundreds of species, both large and small, can be observed at a given dive site.

Oriental sweet lips, moray eels, many species of clownfish and anemone fish, napoleon wrasses, trevalies, jackfish, dogtoothe tunas, king mackerels, crocodilefish, lionfish, octopus, pharoah cuttlefish and green turtles.

Macro critters: frogfish, ornate, robust and ghost pipefish, leaf scorpionfish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranches and flabelinas, siagiani squat lobsters, orang-utang crabs, zebra crabs and other rare crustaceans.

With a bit of luck, you may even encounter rhinopias, Ambon scorpionfish, velvet fish, blue-ring or mimic octopi.


Mild. Usually good conditions, even for beginners. Swells are sometimes present in the dry season.




The USAT Liberty shipwreck is often cited by dive magazines as one of the top 10 dives in the world. Beyond its historical value the sheer amount of life living on the wreck makes for an unforgettable experience.


The wreck can get very crowded during high season. The Geko Dive Team departs early in order to skip the crowds on the first dive.